Australia is third most popular country for overseas education. Australia has six states and two major territories. The reasons you should choose studying in Australia is world class education system, cultural diversity, immigration friendly rules and opportunity to gain experience. Australia is ranked as 4th happiest country in the world and twelfth largest economy. It also boasts high-class infrastructure facilities in all major cities. It has consistently maintained its education standards. For international students a CRICOS registered institute assures that institute and course meets the high standard level. There are diverse selection options for students between private institutes, colleges, TAFE and universities. Just like Canada; it also has very strong presence of Punjabi & Gujarati Communities.

English is main & official language of Australia. While other major & indigenous languages are Australian Aboriginal, Tasmanian & Torres Strait Island language.

Australian education is broadly divided into University, Vocational School & English Language Sectors. University is the highest level of study in Australia. There are total 41 Universities in total. Out of which 38 is Government Funded & 03 are private.

Visa process for international students

Previously Australia had SVP (Streamlined Visa Process) for international students. But in July 2016, they have come up with SSVF i.e. Simplified Student Visa Framework.

The main reason to this modification is that these changes are designed to make the student visa framework to simplified the navigation of genuine students, deliver a more targeted approach to immigration integrity and to create a level playing field for all education provider.

Key changes under SSVF are a reduction in the number of student visa subclass from eight to two; and introduction of simplified single immigration risk framework to all international students.

Top reasons to study in Australia